What if talking to your daughter about sex didn't have to be so AWKWARD?

We're here to help.

Do you find talking to your daughter about sex, puberty, and boys
to be one of the scariest parts of parenting?

You’re in the right place!

We’ve created a course that can help YOU have those conversations with your daughter–
without it being so scary.
Most parents feel woefully unprepared to talk to their daughters about sex.
And because we feel so scared, too often we make it uncomfortable for our daughters, too.

But what if you had HELP starting that conversation?
What if your daughter could hear about the hard stuff from “funny big sisters”, and then you could continue the conversation in a much more stress-free way?

This video based course features two young people starting those discussions you so want to have about social media, peer pressure, boys, sex, and everything in between.

And then each unit has discussion questions, checklists, and mother-daughter activities so that you can keep that conversation going!

Because this is too important of a conversation to be left up to chance.

Meet Your Mentor as You Guide Your Daughter Through the Teenage Years! 
 Sheila Wray Gregoire is an award-winning author, blogger, and speaker who specializes in parenting, marriage, and healthy sexuality. Every month, over half a million readers land on her blog to read about creating healthy families, and 40,000 women receive her emails. Sheila has been featured on:

Meet Your Daughter’s Guides to Sex, Puberty, & Growing Up!

(They’re like funny big sisters!)

Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach
Age: 22     Married: Yes!

Rebecca is a Psychology graduate and the author of the brand new book, Why I Didn’t Rebel: A 22-year-old explains why she stayed on the straight and narrow and how your kids can too!

Katie Elizabeth Gregoire
Age: 20    Married: Nope

Katie started a YouTube channel at 16 to get a boy’s attention. She’s now forgotten who he is–but she has 40,000 fans who tune in to hear her thoughts on what it means to live out your faith authentically in today’s culture.

The course is offered for two different age groups:

Moms and their Older Girls Ages 13-15

The older version is more world-view based about the social changes she’s going through.

It includes everything your daughter needs to know about:

  • How to troubleshoot issues with your period that aren’t often talked about.
  • Navigating relationships with guys in the teenage years.
  • Discussions about how to handle social issues like when friends make mistakes, bullying, and online peer pressure.
  • Candid conversation about the highly sexualized world we live in and how to honor God in the midst of that.
  • Learning the skill of styling yourself to send a message–a message that honors God and shows respect for yourself and others.

This version for girls aged 13-15 comes with one year access. Check out how you can get LIFETIME access, plus the course for 10-12 year old girls as well, and all kinds of goodies!

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Do you find yourself asking: 

How can I teach her the real meaning behind sex? 
How can I help her withstand peer pressure and deal with pornography and body image issues? 
How can I help her have healthy relationships with boys? 

 Or most of all,

How do I keep her talking to me at all?

The older version of the course covers all of this!

I handled TELLING my girls about the facts of life far better than I handled continuing those conversations when they got older.

I gave them the information. But then, when it came time to make it personal, I panicked. 

And I ended up not saying much of anything at all--about porn, masturbation, peer pressure, etc. 

As they grew older, I got better. And now we can talk about anything!

But even though these conversations can be hard, I know they're necessary.

In The Whole Story, Rebecca and Katie will tell your daughter all the things you've been trying to make her see about body image, boys, dating, peer pressure, and more. Maybe she won't listen to you. But when the girls say it, you have a safe way of continuing that conversation. And it works so much better!

The Whole Story is here–ready to take the stress out of continuing "the talks" with your daughter!

What are you waiting for?

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    The Whole Story For Girls - Ages 13-15

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I found it easier to tell my girls the basics about the facts of life than I did to add the personal element to it as they grew into teens.

I told them about their periods, but talking about porn? Masturbation? Peer pressure? I wasn’t as good at that.

Rebecca, when writing her book Why I Didn’t Rebel, found again and again that it was parents’ expectations of their children that made the biggest difference. When parents were authentic with their kids about their faith, and expected their kids to be authentic, too, then kids tended to follow Jesus easily. But when parents expected the worst, or didn’t tell the kids what they expected at all, kids tended to flounder.

Our philosophy in this course is that we’ll tell your kids the information and in general terms what God wants, but then we have discussion guidelines, checklists, and activity ideas so that you can have the real heart-to-heart with your daughter, in a stress-free way, about what guidelines you want her to have.

It’s what YOU think about modesty that matters. It’s the guidelines YOU have about dating and sex that matter.

I’m not raising your daughters, and my girls certainly aren’t raising them, either!

It’s YOUR values that matter.

So let us start those conversations at just the right ages, and then YOU can guide those conversations home.

Course Curriculum

    1. READ: Welcome to The Whole Story

    2. WATCH: Welcome to The Whole Story!

    3. Print It: Your Course Guide!

    4. UNIT 1 Intro for Moms

    5. UNIT 2 Intro for Moms

    6. UNIT 3 Intro for Moms

    7. UNIT 4 Intro for Moms

    8. Unit 5 Intro for Moms

    1. Video: Welcome to the Course!

    1. Video: It's Time for Unit 1!

    2. Video: Troubleshooting Your Period

    3. Video: How to Manage Painful Cramps

    4. Lesson: What You Might Not Know About Your Period

    5. Video: How to Use Tampons

    6. Video: Menstrual Cups & Why Some People Use Them

    7. Lesson: Some Things to Know About Menstrual Cups

    8. Checklist: PMS Survival Kit

    9. Discussion Questions: Managing Your Period

    10. Your Challenge!

    1. Video: Welcome to Unit 2!

    2. Video: Body Image and Staying Healthy

    3. Video: Your First Real Bra

    4. Lesson: Dealing with Changes in the Teenage Years

    5. Checklist: What To Remember When Buying A Bra

    6. Infographic: Finding Your Bra Size

    7. Discussion Questions: Even More Changes

    8. Lesson: Dealing with Changes in the Teenage Years

    9. Optional Video: What Guys Go Through

    10. Your Challenge!

    1. Video: Welcome to Unit 3!

    2. Video: Online Pressure and Responsible Social Media Use

    3. Video: What Do I Do if My Friends Are Having Sex?

    4. Video: Standing Firm Even When Others Aren't | Peer Pressure in High School

    5. Watch It: How Katie Handles Negativity & Peer Pressure

    6. Lesson: Boys & Friends in High School

    7. Watch It: Why Katie Didn't Date in High School

    8. Checklist: Mother-Daughter Date Ideas!

    9. Discussion Questions: Dating & Social Situations in High School

    10. Your Challenge!

    1. Video: Welcome to Unit 4!

    2. Video: About Pornography and Masturbation

    3. Watch It: Battling Temptation

    4. Video: Why God Designed Sex for Marriage

    5. Video: What is "Safe Sex"?

    6. Lesson: God's Design for Sex

    7. Checklist: Ways to Make Tough Conversations Easier

    8. Discussion Questions: All About Sex

    9. Your Challenge!

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Because your daughter deserves to know The Whole Story–in a safe way.

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