Do you find talking to your kids about sex, puberty, and relationships to be one of the scariest parts of parenting?

This version of The Whole Story only includes 12 months of access to the course for only one age group. It also doesn't include any of the bonus materials, including an entire unit on screen time and videogames, resources for parents, and extra information from a pediatrician about what's normal during puberty and what signals the need to see your family doc. The VIP version gives you LIFETIME access to BOTH ages of the course (covering kids age 10-16) AND all these bonus materials. Check it out:

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You’re in the right place!

We’ve created a course that can help YOU have those conversations with your kids–without it being so scary.

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Most parents feel woefully unprepared to talk to their children about sex.

What if I say something wrong?

How do I even get the conversation started?

I just find it really uncomfortable!

And because we feel so scared, too often we make it uncomfortable for our kids, too!

But what if you had HELP starting that conversation?

What if your son had a cool and trustworthy young man who wasn’t afraid to talk about the hard stuff?

What if all you had to do was continue the conversation, when the hard part was already taken care of?

This video-based course features trustworthy, Christian young people teaching your children about everything they need to know about sex, puberty and growing up.

And then has discussion questions, checklists, and parent-child activities so that you can keep that conversation going!

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Meet your instructors for The Whole Story:

Sheldon is your son's guide through The Whole Story

TV host, Author, and proud dad

Sheldon Neil

Sheldon Neil is a leading communicator. Demystifying the issues facing everyday people, while leaving audiences with a spark to start living their best life is his noted passion. An international speaker, TV host and ordained faith leader, he has been featured in ministry initiatives with world-faith leaders such as, TD Jakes. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism, and is the author of the book, "The 180 Devotional." He is also the Host and Executive Producer of the TV show, "Outside the Box, with Sheldon Neil," which reaches over 6 million Canadians. Sheldon Neil is happily married to Alicia Neil. They are proud parents to their wonderful daughter, Reigan-Sijourney, and son, Edison-Hendrix. Sheldon is excited to be a part of the Whole Story curriculum resource. With a heart to inform and inspire, he’s pleased to be on the frontlines providing insightful resources to people in need.

Sheila is the parents' guide through the course

Award-Winning Author, Blogger, and Speaker

Sheila Gregoire

Sheila Wray Gregoire is a popular speaker, marriage blogger, and the author of eight books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. She's known as the "Christian sex lady", and witnesses daily through her blog and emails the impact that early views of sex have on women. She's passionate about teaching about sexuality in a healthy, godly way, especially to young women. The mom to two adult daughters, she spends most of her time in her RV with her husband, speaking around North America. But you can find her on her blog To Love, Honor and Vacuum, which attracts over 1,000,000 page views per month.

This course is not a REPLACEMENT for you. It's a RESOURCE for you.

We start the conversations, but you get to finish them.

Here's why we think you're going to love this course:

These conversations are too important to leave up to chance. 

Tell your son The Whole Story now. 

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The Whole Story Course Materials:

  • 1

    Parents' Resources for The Whole Story for Boys (10-13)

    • For Parents - How to Use the Course

    • Pep Talk for Single Moms

    • Discussion Questions and Activity Swaps for Moms (The Whole Story 10-13)

  • 2

    Welcome to The Whole Story for Boys Ages 10-13!

    • Welcome to The Whole Story!

    • Meet Sheldon!

    • Meet Connor and David!

    • Your Complete Workbook (to print if desired)

    • Let's get started: Your First Discussion Questions

  • 3

    Unit 1: All About Sex

    • Introduction to Unit 1

    • What is sex, anyway?

    • Why God made sex the way He did

    • What you need to know about pornography

    • Unit 1 Run-Down with Connor and David

    • Unit 1 Lesson: What Is Sex?

    • Unit 1 Discussion Questions

    • Unit 1 Activity: Learning to Talk About the Hard Things

    • Optional for Parents: Covenant Eyes' Resources for talking about porn in a healthy way

  • 4

    Unit 2: Body Changes & Puberty

  • 5

    Unit 3: Friendships, Crushes, and Social Pressure

    • Intro to Unit 3

    • Let's Talk Bullying and Peer Pressure

    • All about Crushes and How to Handle Them

    • Why You Don't Need to Date in Middle School

    • Unit 3 Run-Down with Connor and David

    • Unit 3 Lesson: Friendships, Dating, and Peer Pressure

    • Unit 3 Discussion Questions

    • Unit 3 Activity: Creating Traditions

    • For Parents: What You Need to Know about Bullying and Your Kid's Social Life

  • 6

    Unit 4: Becoming a Man of God

    • Intro to Unit 4

    • Becoming a Man of God

    • Why It's Important to Treat Girls with Respect

    • How to Be an Encouragement to Your Guy-Friends

    • What it Means to Become a Man of Good Character

    • Unit 4 Run-Down with Connor and David

    • Unit 4 Lesson: Growing Up with Good Character

    • Unit 4 Discussion Questions

    • Unit 4 Activity: Treating Mom Right

    • Bonus Content: 35 Conversation Starters with Mom

  • 7

    Unit 5: Taking Care of Yourself

    • Intro to Unit 5

    • Learning to Do Your Own Laundry

    • Keeping it Fresh: Showering, Deodorant, and Wearing Clean Clothes

    • The Nitty Gritty Details of Keeping Clean

    • Dealing with and Preventing Acne

    • Unit 5 Run-Down with Connor and David

    • Unit 5 Lesson: Growing Up & Hygiene

    • Unit 5 Discussion Question

    • Unit 5 Activity: Making a Personal Hygiene Checklist

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Get The Whole Story for Boys Ages 10-13. 

Because your child deserves to know The Whole Story–in a safe way, and from you.

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